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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Souvenirs from the Fall: Felted Acorns

Last fall I went hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Cold Springs, NY. It was one of these gorgeous Fall days, when the soil is covered in a bed of crispy colorful leaves and the sun is shinning warm through the trees. As souvenirs, I brought back a handful of acorn caps that I collected on the way... I was thinking craft project!

I had seen this idea online a few times and seemed pretty easy. All I needed for the project were my needle felting material, the acorn caps, white glue, a drill with a tiny drill bit and fishing line. I started by making needle felted balls in four colors...the more you prick the felt with the needle, the denser it will get, thus nicer too. The wet felt technique would probably work great for this purpose, but I didn't try it. I then made one tiny hole in each cap, hooked the transparent fishing wire and,  lastly, glued the felt balls to the caps. I let it dry before hanging. They looked adorable decorating my little Christmas tree and once the tree was gone, I hanged them in a dry branch, making the perfect Winter minimalist arrangement.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Slick and Concise Year in Review

I always get over-sentimental around New Year's. It's a mix of nostalgia for the wonderful times that have passed, anxiety to achieve the things I think I should already have, and a biological need to be at a warm beach in my hometown, jumping seven waves in one foot while making wishes (yes, that's one of our New Year's great traditions!). To me, New Year's in the cold just doesn't make sense!

Anyway, to quiet down the sentimental me, I've learned to think about all the moments from the year that just ended, big and small... it always strikes me how much has happened and I get excited about what's yet to come. This year, to help this exercise and keep the memories alive for a long time, I decided to make a 2013 Year in Review photo album. I uploaded the photos to a popular service website and had lots of fun decorating my album. I've tried the whole scrapbook thing before, but it just isn't for me... I ended up printing hundreds of pictures and never finishing it. Additionally, scrapbooks are usually so bulky! This one is slick, concise and full of memories....I want to do it every year now! Heck, I even want to go back and do it for previous years too! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our First Christmas of Two

Christmas this year was nothing short of wonderful. For the first time, my husband and I decided to stay in New York instead of joining in the hectic traveling to spend time with family. That got me very excited to try some new craft projects and decorate our home. My favorite accomplishments were a funny looking Santa, made with felt and yarn, and our new quilted stockings. They were both very easy to make and I mostly eye-balled everything. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Craft: Bat-Shaped Hair Accessory

Halloween has something for everyone and it's a great opportunity for some fun crafting. My level of commitment to Halloween varies every year, but I always need to acknowledge it, even if it's just with a little something. This year, I made a bat-shaped hair accessory, simply fashioned out of felt, cotton pads and thread. I wanted a piece that I could wear to work, without being too flashy, and this will be just perfect.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful Mess of Knots and Beads

We crafters have a big ego. We think that we can learn to make anything ourselves. We are averse to buying things that “are so easy to make”. The problem with this is that we always miscalculate the time and effort needed, and realize too late that it wasn’t easy after all. Sometimes we’ll get frustrated mid-project and say sinful things like “I wish I had just bought it ready!” But we don’t really mean it, because the true crafter loves challenges and is mostly interested in the process over the result.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Dash of Fascination


Crafting is always fun. But crafting with an excuse is even better! This past weekend I had the perfect excuse to wear something we all secretly, or openly, adore: a fascinator. The opportunity came in the shape of a beautiful English Garden wedding in Toronto. With a mix of Mad Hatter fun and royal family flair, I was determined to be very literal and, well… fascinate. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Month We Built an Entire Cabinet

This is definitely the biggest project I have undertaken so far. It started with a simple premise: this year I wasn’t moving again. Since we’ve been married, we have led some sort of nomad life, hanging on to just the things we can carry in suitcases and never looking back. Thus, I was surprised when the time came to sign the lease renewal. We did sign it, and I was suddenly dazed by desperation that kept echoing in my head: we NEED to move! The constant change of environment was part of our lives and we enjoyed it. From one day to the next, my mind turned my cozy apartment into boring and ugly. So, the only solution was to move… the furniture around. In a couple of hours, everything belonged somewhere new, and received different purposes too. The apartment suddenly looked much smarter! We freed this whole corner, which is great when you live in a tiny apartment in NY, but it was now staring at me blank. Faced with this new puzzle, we decided to build. We designed and built the cabinets from scratch, which was a lot of work, but loads of fun.
It looks amazing and we are so proud! How great it is to create something with our own hands.